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Child Mullets

In the beginning, there was...

The Infantullet


It definitely raises ethical issues. It's a defenseless child, being shaped and "mullded" into a life knowing nothing other than the mullet. It will only be a few years before this poor child ends up just another another category in Mullet Junky.

*It also must be said that the Infantullet is the rarest, purest form of the mullet. It is rare for a child under the age of 1 to have an entire head of hair, much less a full-blown mullet.

Classic Child Mullet



It's an ideal day for School Pictures...Perfectly pressed shirt, brushed teeth, and a clean, natural mullet.

What a priceless example of the Classic Child Mullet. There's just no better representation possible.

hunted by Klay




For some reason, parents have this innate need for their offspring to be,"more like them". It's clear that Mullatinos cherish these values as well. Just as the mental image of their babies growing up someday, driving El Caminos and livin' la vida loca, the perfect detail of a long, flowing mullet cannot escape their dreams. Too appealing an idea for eager parents to pass by, los ninos begin growing their mullets early.

* Notice the extra long bit at the very bottom of this magnificent plummage. Judging this growth pattern, I believe this Child Mullatino was originally a standard Rat Tail.


Christmas morning mullet


Trans Am and Camaro Hotwheels filled the stocking this year. (A foreshadowing, if you will.)


Native American Child Mullet (Runs With Spineless Fish)

Once again, the mullet makes its presence known to all ethnic groups. To the Native Americans, the mullet is revered as sacred, bringing supernatural powers from the the roots of the scalp all the way to the tips. Here we see that "Little Chief" Runs-With-Spineless-Fish has an active role in the various ceramullnies, and is highly respected within the tribe.

* In times of great danger and threat, it has been rumored that the tribe will gather around "Little Chief" Runs-With-Spineless-Fish and rub the mullet vigorously. This act somehow has the power to wear of the enemy along with evil spirits.


BMX Child Mullet








* Amazing length on this mull.




Just as the Smurf Village had its very own Smurfette, the mullet world is occasionally blessed with that very special pre-teen femullet, the Mullette. Mullette likes to play dress up...you'll often catch her with some shiny black patent leather tap shoes and a big pink bow in her hair. She also receives the most candy hearts on Valentine's Day that say "Be mine" or "You're sweet" on them.


"Little Mully"


SEE WHAT HAPPENS!?! Sadly, things don't really change. Today, "Little Mully" makes Johnny cry...tommorow he's wanted in 7 states for selling defective m80's, cherry bombs & bottle rockets. Could there be a link between Little Mullies and deviant/criminal types who had mullets in their formative years?

Criminal defense attorneys in Dayton have pondered this question for years. If a daytonohlawyer.com can't answer this pressing question then no one can.?


* "Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be mullies..."

hunted by Big E



Remember: The mullet does not exclude race, hair color, or age.

Also note: Non-child mullets (a.k.a. cold necks) have no prejudice to the mullet when assesing potential friends.


hunted by Danny B
hunted by Jaime Deforge  


Child Pit Bullet


This is a very healthy mullet that has excellent shape and volume. He knows it, and he's not afraid to let you know it.

*Approach with caution: When sensing danger, instinct tells the Pit Bullet to bite at the leg.


hunted by Frankie Gatlin


Brothers McMullen

One would expect this to be a FAMULLY(see PicFix 8) but its clearly not, ONLY the kids have mulls. Perfect...another classification for us.

They all look slightly lost and confused. Brothers McMullen need to stick by each other as they grow up. They will protect each other from harassment by mean, angry, ignorant coldnecks who don't really comprehend the beauty and power of the mullet.

Hunted by Kelly Ferris


hunted by Breck

Active Child Mullet

hunted by Breck

Outdoor life is ideal for the child mullet. Not only do they stay physically healthy, but it also gives a chance for the mullet to breathe. This creates strong roots and a thick, solid mullet that poetically bounces in the wind...the way a mullet should.

*Look baby mullet, it's a stick! Stick, it's a mullet!...Eternal love.



hunted by marsh
hunted by Tate-Nations
hunted by Jon Kaminsky  
hunted by Boomin-Granny
hunted by Brett Simonson




The soft light shining on this mully creates an almost angelic tone.

Mullet and coldneck...friends 4 life.

Imagine what the dad looks like.

* Schweet mull



Child Mullet Twins

Hunted by Beverly Phillips


Hunted by Coop



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