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"Get away from me with that camera, punk. Ya, i've got a mullet, so what! What, because i'm a women I can't have a mullet?! Whatever, you're just a MAN you would'nt understand."


hunted by H1lton


Femullet Anonymopithacus

Nearly impossible to catch, Femullet Anonymopithacus is usually spotted, as evidenced here, at marginally legal office spaces in the Pacific Northwest. Femullet Anonymopithacus is dangerous due to its cunning, angry nature (often known to throw scissors at co-workers, and scalding hot coffee at neighborhood strays).

Hobbies: Yelling, angry stares.

Favorite Foods: Sodium, fat and sugar.

Other professions popular with Femullet Anonymopithacus include Backyard Wrestling promotions and Honky Tonk bartending.

Hunted by Jenna  


It's Patullet

Flourishing in the poverty-stricken world of non-union theatre, this common Patullet was easily photographed here at a recent cast party for her latest groundbreaking one-act play, "Lilies of Hate," at her home in Buffalo, NY's Allentown Art District. This mullet conceals its disdain for ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT WILL EVER BE in our racist, sexist, homophobic United States in a blank stare. However, while fully immersed in her element (the world of tortured artists and other unrecognized geniuses) she comes to life and carries on endless conversations about the upbringing she "tries to forget." Prone to pretension, this common Femullet species is sighted regularly in bohemian centers of American mid-to-large-size cities, wearing men's clothing. Lives off Daddy and the earnings from their $6.50 per hour job at small art galleries and libraries at large Universities, where they drink a lot and blend in while cruising pre-op transexuals.
hunted by Chelsea


Lita Fordullet

Banished from the Girls' Field Hockey team at Saint Maripat's High School for Wayward Girls, a young Lita Fordullet moved to Chicago's Bucktown District to pursue a career as a post-80's folk rock. Hunted backstage while waiting to perform at a CYO dance in Moline, Illinois, Lita Fordullet is generally polite. Uninterested in world events, but fully able to speak at length about her heroes, Gloria Allred and Chrissie Hynde.
both hunted by jeff
Currently working on the upcoming hits "Fuck Meat!", "Leopardskin Fur Punishment Cell for Girls Like You" and "Bomb Jack in the Box!"


Fast Food Femullet


This species is VERY closely related to the Pimpley-Ass Whale Mullet, but the FFF (Fast Food Femullet) stays on land. It spends 88% of its life fixated on what it will eat and where it will eat next. It prefers fast food establishments and foams at the mouth for specials such as 3 tacos for .99 cents at Jack In The Box and .99 cent Whoppers at Murder King.

* Put the cursor over the image to get another view of the animal in its preferred environment.

* It's especially nice when the breasts blend in with the other rolls of fat.

* Mullestache...it's likely.

hunted by amy


American Trailer Femullet

The American Trailer Femullet is a fairly large group within the mullet community. They are rarely seen in urban environments because they do not like to leave the comfort and familiarity of their cozy trailer park community. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to catch this beauty. It looks as if she's hangin' at some sort of local fair or carnival. (Another good place to hunt for mulls)
hunted by G spot


Volleyball Ref Femullet


An interesting species. There is a certain confidence emulating from this beast. The overweight chub stance, the whistle (which NEVER leaves the mouth), and her (quite possibly, his) glorious mullet both encourage and exaggerate the authoritative role this hottie plays in the game....and in life.

* Hunted by my Mom. Really. (How cool is that?!?)


Big Bo Peepullet


While "Little," her estranged sister, received all the glory, the tortured Big Bo Peepullet worked long hours at the local petting zoo, being abused by local children. Cleaning up, washing, feeding, all for minimum wage. Hollywood studios and New York publishing houses had no use for this overweight legend, while her celebrity sister was loved by millions and remembered by all. We feel fortunate to have been able to hunt this one-of-a-kindullet. After a hot tip led us to a small petting zoo in Kansas, not far from a Medieval Times theme restaurant, Big Bo Peepullet was spotted gently preparing a young lamb for its first entry into the petting zoo world. Shy, quiet, and corn-fed, "Big Bo" (she insisted we call her by her first name) wiped away a single tear, offered few thoughts about her famous sister (who's now dating some Kansas TV talk show host) but did take the time to smoke a cigarette with us and ask us if we happened to have any Xanax. We did.

Like a rare comet across a cold, gray sky, Big Bo calmly smiled at the local children, answered some more questions about her sister, wiped sheep doody off of her Nikes, and waved goodbye. Hobbies: Seeing a therapist, counting loose change, calling here lawyer about "Little's" residual checks.

12-12-09 I recieved an email from a person who knows this lady which is why i blacked out her face.


hunted by Bob-Quell


Femulls & fat rolls


Mmmmmm mm...this sure is good huh? Hey wadya say we try 1 of everything on the menu? sounds good...looks good...hahahaha yer so funny. Do you like this new white top i bought at the Wal Mart? i sure do...but what's that thing coming out the bottom. Shut up, you're certainly no stuper model. Ya whatever just finish your ice cream. speaking of cream do you like the 'wet' look i got going on fer the back of my hair. I do, I do. Hey, can we get outta here...I feel like people are staring. but...wait...what about eating 1 of everything.!?! Oh come on, we'll finish the menu tommorow.

Hunted by Molly


Fried Femullet

'Wait, I forgot something....Nevermind, I forgot what I forgot...hahaha.

Ummmm, where are we going?

We're going to get your medication.

Oh, that's right. By the way, I really like the tiger on your shirt.

Well, thank you sweetheart! I really like what you've done with your sideburns.

Ta thanks, (coughs) are they gonna make me go back to the hospital? 'Cuz I really don't like it there. You know, those pills... they make me all goofy 'n' stuff, plus they make me wear those white sheets and you know my favorite color is black, and...and...

Shhh, it'll be o.k. Just ignore the voices and walk along with me.

Uhhh, o.k. Ummm, do you think maybe we can buy a windmill?

Sure. Come on, hop in the car ther'll be plenty of windmills back at the hospital...uhhh, I mean home.

I don't think I like you very much. I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE., LEAVE ME ALONE. I wanna thstay right here...call my mom.

(The Caretaker quits her job and the Fried Femmullet is left alone rambling & lashing out at pedestrians on the street corner for the next 4 hours.)

* Easiest hunt.

Hunted by Molly  


Animull (Female)

Every so often, new levels are being reached in mullet classification. Today is one of those times.

In Pic fix 1 we have 'Animull'(put cursor over this image for a quick reference). Today a female version of 'Animull' has been discovered - The same species only the gender is different! This is a first for anything like this, and hopefully will not be the last.


* Note how the Sun glistens on this perfect mull just as it takes flight. Lovely.



hunted by bloomis


Humpty Femull Dumpty
Besides being one of the BEST femulls, EVER, take note of the denim-overal-shorts, the design on the back pocket and the sharp angled sideburns. All qualities that make this beast an instant classic. In the top 3 pics we see her on the hunt for food. The bottom 2 depict the success of her hunt....and the success of the mulletjunky hunters, the Chelmo Bros., perfect hunt. The squating-while-eating is a natural act for this particular species. It is a time of peacefull serenity-yet vulnerability. We are truely blessed to have these artifacts.
Hunted by The Chelmo Bros.
Monster Truck Femullet


An acid wash denim Jacket paired with a textbook mull, the Monster Truck Femullet means biz.

This hunter did an EXCELLENT job, so eloquently capturing this species with 5 diverse angled shots. Props Sheri.

Once again, the mulletude is obviously high, so use caution when hunting.


Hunted by Sheri Woodall  


Mullff Diver


Women who like women who like mullets. She clearly fills the dominate role in the relationship. She is the protector(hence the slight lean forward, pit bull stance). She has a cast on on each wrist - Either an act of intimidation or a legit battle wound.

The Mullti-level, Mullti-color mullet is both flamboyant and intimidating. The Mullff Diver is REAL, approach with caution.

* Sexy pink roll femull


Hunted by Lacey  


Streamlined Femullet

Stream·lined Def.

1 - Designed or arranged to offer the least resistance to fluid flow.

2 - Reduced to essentials; lacking anything extra.

3 - Effectively organized or simplified: a streamlined method of production.

4 - Having flowing, graceful lines; sleek: a streamlined convertible.

5 - Improved in appearance or efficiency; modernized.

Hunted by Kevin  
Hunted by Bryant
Hunted by Ryan    


Mullthers Day


The time in which we honor the person who gave us life, our mothers. Countless unselfish acts are their lives and now its time to pay back a little respect.

Unfortunately, true Mullthers are rare. If for some reason you are blessed to have a mom with a mullet(which is almost unbelievamull to begin with)you better have hooked her up this year.

O. K., i've made my public service announcement. Get back to work.

Hunted by Smott  
Hunted by Art  



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