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Since some of you have expressed interest in what I look like and what I'm all about, I've dug up some old photos and listed a few hobbies to satisfy your curiousity.


This is a pic of me when I was born. (More mature than most). I don't believe in necks--they just get in the way. Eyes...Why do they HAVE to be open? As you can see, I'm very cute and cuddly--just don't pinch my cheeks. I hate that.

This is me in my first car. ('82 Buick Regal) I keep the dreamcatcher with feathers hanging prominently from my rear view mirror for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, the electric windows don't work properly anymore so I just pull them up manually. I like driving, it conveys a sense of meager power that my hoodrats and bitches respect. (Even if they have to open the door from the outside)

As you know by now, I am a hardcore mullet hunter. This is how I look when I'm actually hunting. If you recognize me, don't be shy. Come up and give me a high-five.

* The mullestache is only for the purpose of blending in with the prey. It's not real.


As some of you know, music is my passion. This is me (on the left) and my core crew (night owl and Jamie Ratfrat).

One of my many dreams in life is to break down the barriers of Christian Death Metal. Our band is called JESUSJUNKY and we "tear it up". Some have said we could make Stryper sound like Neil Diamond. Our first album is called To Hell with the Devil! It's doing fairly well in Russia and some eastern block countries. Of course it wasn't as successful as the 'Scorps' "Winds of Change", but I've got faith that the Lord will give us the success we deserve. Amen.


When I'm not cruising around in my Regal or rokken out with my Christian brothers, I have another passion: Black & White Nude Midget Photography. It's not a particularly popular hobby. But it is a passion, and I will continue snapping pics of nude midges as long as I enjoy it.

* If you are interested in seeing more B&WNMP, I've got plenty more and will gladly post them if I get enough e-mull requests.




That's it...for now.


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