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In what will always be looked upon as one of the proudest moments in mullet-hunting, we came across this fine, extremely rare, and previously believed extinct class of mullet. Being one of the more sophisticated styles of mullet, the "Mullabino" outshines all the rest, which shamefully pale in comparison. Indeed, the Mullabino is a rare gift to the human race.

Truly incredible.



It's the same guy as the one above, just 10 years earlier.

I'm guessing he's a wedding photographer.





There has been some debate on whether this creature is an authentic albino. Whatever. It's close enough.

This stud actually went to my high school and was a few years older than me. Unfortunately, I was never kewl enough to hang out with him. I didn't care at the time, but thinking about it now in some sick way, I wish I did hang with him.

* He drove a "supercharged" white late 80's model Toyota MR2.

* Nice sweater.




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