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The Mullatino is a person of Latin/Hispanic origin which adorns a mullet. Due to the high volume and strong presence of this particular species, a full page will be dedicated to this glorious creature.

Classic Mullatinos


With an award winning Erik Estrada-esque smile, 3/4 rolled sleeves, shiny gold chain, and a flamboyant mullet, this charmer is destined to a life of success.

*Go get 'em, Tiger!


This classic mullatino doesn't appear quite as confident as his successful cousin (above). It's surprising because the mullestache and the long whispy mullet obviously play a crucial role in the act of "finger banging", which our friend here is definitely no stranger to. This is something he eagerly tells us at recess behind the handball courts.

* In time, this peach-fuzz mullestache will blossom into a full & thick Cop-like mullestache.


The mullet serves as an aid sometimes, especially when it comes to the young Mullatino's confidence level. However he's missing one crucial ingredient: A mullestache. With a nice peach-fuzz mullestache, this mullatino would truly be invinsible. All the dry humpin' he's ever wanted could have been his reality.

* When will they learn? The mullet and the mullestache go hand-in-hand. It's the perfect marriage.



Mature Mullatino


This is a good example of a classic Mature Mullatino. It takes many years to design and develop a quality shaped mullet like this. Once decided on a particular shape, he will keep it the exact same way for years to come. Quite possibly, until he dies.

* Gold chains, cowboy boots and stickers of horses on old trucks are a reoccurring theme with the Mullatino.

* Mullestache, of course.




The DNA make-up of the mullatino naturally gives them thick, course hair. This trait is invaluable to the mullatino. The sheer volume of hair gives them unlimited options for the styling of the mullet. The tight, aerodynamic shape of this particular mullet is truly incredible. As if it was not good enough to have the perfect mullet, he went ahead and sculpted a perfect mullestache which compliments his mullet in shape, design and color. Very Impressive.

* Hunters take notes: Not only is this shot at a perfect 3/4 angle, but notice the height angle, it's slightly raised. This is as if the hunter was shooting downward. This is ideal, but obviously very difficult to achieve.

hunted by Christopher Hannemann III a.k.a. "Hanny"




The short flat-top, the long, coarse, horse-like hair and the mullestache are all qualities that make up the ideal Mullatino. These characteristics are undoubtably shown when flirting with underaged female Taco Bell employees. With any luck, the Mullaflat-toptino will have them charmed and will be successful in leading them back to his "pad". (Scary)

* Look for him on the 'strip' in a lowered mini-truck with a "pumpin' system".


Mullatino Warehouse Worker


Lurking in warehouses all over America, this species puts its flowing mane into a ponytail during the hours of 9 to 5 and spends the day stacking boxes & working with heavy machinery. (Still leaving time to jerk off in the corner while Mexican talk radio blares in the background). Judging by the length of the mullet, one could guess that this Mullatino was a front runner in the rising Mullatino trend. This specimen tends to get bored with the basic classic mullet, so every few years it makes slight changes, but still maintaining the mullet. It keeps the Latinas hot! They know that mójol is Spanish for mullet!

At the moment, this Mullatino has opted for a pompador upgrade (Stray Cats, '81). It worked then, and it works now. Timeless.

* It's hard to see, but notice the single stud in the left ear. It is a subtle way for the Mullatino to show off its machismo. (Along with the mullet of course)

* Mullestache, of course.

hunted by Amy


Low-Rider Mullatino
hunted by steve

Pride in the ride & pride in the mullet.


-Random parks on lazy Sundays.

-98 cent stores.

-Swap meet parking lots.

-At the junior college, illegally parked, while 'oldies' music is blasting out of an overpriced stereo system.

-Changing oil in front of the auto parts store.

hunted by doowan MacGonaughill


Hunted by Jarrett

Kind Mullatino

Look at how great this mullet is. It's perfect, textbook shape and contrast is the standard in which all mullets should be measured by. The real bonus is how super nice he looks, it's as though Jarrett simply asked if he could take a pic and the mullet politely cooperated(an ideal situation for most hunters). Not all mullets need to be feared.

* Of course a bad-ass mullestache to go with a bad-ass mullet.


Mulligious - Flamboyant Mullatino

Noted traits:

- Handlebar mullestache
- Gold earring(of the dangling variety)
- Cell phone - sign of the times
- Ornate silk shirt with prominent images of the virgin Mary on the back and left arm
- Sexy strut

In general, we don't like to think of mullets as being very religious (and we're probably right in our assumption). BUT, once in a while a beauty like this will come along and remind us that mullets can--and do--defy stereotypes and classification. The Catholic Latino makes up a large group of humans and for one of them to have a mullet is a big day in the communullty. Not only does this species fit the criteria for this particular classification, but he ALSO adds an insane amount of flamboyancy & charisma and overall sex appeal - all which makes this mull a precious find.

* Girls: Hector can be a hard-ass sometimes, but he's got integrity AND a great heart. YES, he is single. Interests include: Early Madonna, soccer games in random parks(usually located near freeways or major highways), cars built in the 1980's with those long, thin, medal 'whisps' that stick out of the tire area (I think they might be called FEELERS???) and churros.

If you share any of these hobbies and are attracted to Hector, e-mull a pic/description, and I'll pass it along. He's a busy man though, so don't expect a quick response any time soon.


Mullatino Roach Coach Dweller

Deep in the heart of barrios across America, a thriving Mullatino population exists and they are addicted to food produced in a vehicle (A.K.A roach coach). I recomend this scene as a potential hunting ground. Mullatino's are far less violent then the typical American Mullet. Not to mention you can pick up a few taco's while yer huntin'.



Seductive Mullapervtino


The Mullestache, gold chain, and the fact he's standing naked touching himself in front of a Christmas Tree.

I don't get it.



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