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Mullet Pic Fix

pg. 11

Rebmull Leader


The mullet eminates confidence and power as only a mullet can. It's only fitting that this particular mull is a rebel leader from East Timor. Apparently, he's got serious status. When you're walking down a dirty street of some random country in camouflage--with a machine gun on your arm & a machete ready--AND there's a flowing mullet creeping out of your beret, you are the shit.

Good luck mullet. Free your people, dude.





The perfect representation of heavy metull:

RATT t-shirt underneath a cropped leather jacket, a black & white circular striped guitar, and empty NATURAL LIGHT 12-pack boxes tacked to the wall.

Holding a rodent up to his mouth (insinuating he'd bite off the head) is an act usually coveted by idols(mianly OZZY).



Hunted by Lesli  


Humpty Dumpullet


'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall'....thats because he didnt have a mullet-to balance the weight. Humpty will continue to fall untill he grows a mullet. The Humpty Dumpullet however shall never fall, off a wall, the wagon or anything as long as his weight/mull combo continues to balance each other out.

* mulletscanhookyouup.

Hunted by Molly  


Rapid Mullethunting


Advanced hunters sometimes take loads of pictures from all different angles of the same mullet. A dangerous act but the results are usally GOOD(as seen here).

Hunted by Rick *  


Karaoke Mull


As she gazes affectionately at his passionate romantic mull, she actually surpasses her original "bait" role and becomes captivated by this species. The Mull stays focused on the song while keeping his cool. When he finishes, he will smoke his cig, finish his drink, and "nail" the girl...

hunted by Dr. Denver



....Ummm, not this time CheeseWiz. See, she's a mullet huntress, and this time he's the one getting "nailed".


"Now you see, out here, we have Cold-necks. Cold-necks are people without mullets. Got it? Good, hop in the car, were goin' to Wal-Mart." YAY!


2 Tone Adult Gamer Mull
The biggest difference between Gamers and Gamers with Mullets is that the Gamer Mullets beat the shit out of the arcade games when they lose. Strangely this rare mull surfaces, still trapped in the underworld of video games. The dyed mull-flap adds that edge of intimidation when challenged in a 2-4 person game. And of course, cigarette burnt holes are found next to the "Fire" button.

Favorite video game: Galaga

favorite movie: Repo man


Vanity Mullet


I know it may seem hard to believe but some mullets actually pay attention to the way they look. Here we have an example of some accessorizing from the local gas station.

The following is a muttered audio transcript that was stealthily captured: "hmmmm, what glasses will look tight with my mull and white shorts/tank top combo? Thermonuclear Oakley blades thats what will...shit, they don't got em, eh, I'll go with these here with the blue sides, ya, this will work out just fine. Hey look! they've got a dollar section over there, maybe I'll buy my kids a pencil or something. ohhhh I bet they got GOBOTS! I wanna GOBOT!" - * He gets easily side tracked.

A mullet in one of those 'quickie mart' type gas stations with all that crap in it is pretty much heaven for allot of mulls. Like a kid in candy store if you will.




good son Sam


Once again we see a rare example of a mullet breaking away from the dumb, beer drinking, racist stereotypes by entering a pseudo professional field. Sam, most likely started out as a Trade school Mullet(see pic fix 2) and has now, finally achieved that high teck job he always wanted.

* On-the-job transcribed audio recording: "hold it...let me just...cut....THAT orange wire....there...fixed.

hunted by Todd  


bad son Jeb


"The hell do you want? I don't need no dumb Devry Trade school. Chevy's here parts department does me jus fine."

* They keep Jeb in a separate, isolated department. Apparently the Stare of Death/mullestache combo is way to much fer some people.

* On a side note: The Stare of Death can only truly be witnessed when Jeb is wearing safety goggles, Which, by the way...aren't required.



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