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Mullet Pic Fix

pg. 12

Holy Soccer Rocker


A proud moment for mullets everywhere. In this case soccer or football(as most people refer to it) has given this mullet the opportunity to be blessed by the pope.

I was just thinking about it....If the pope had long hair he would have a pretty bad-ass skullet, we could call it Pope John Paullet. One can only dream I suppose.



YES. YES. OH YES!! When I started this thing 2 1/2 years ago I NEVER imagined/dreamed to see a grandma with a mullet. Today I've realized ALL things are truly possible.

* Note that most of her accessories are the same as males: Zuba pants, wife beater and a random neon article. She does have some fancy gold bracelets though. Hard to tell if they are fake gold or a real gold ball bracelet stack set.

Hunted by Rick *  




With all due respect to the hunter, I give this hunt the Monday Mullet with a point of clarity. In reality, this is not a great mullet, it is ALMULLST, but reminds us of something that needs to be discussed.

This is classic hunter development. In the early stages, hunters point at the mullet, drawing attention to them and the mullet. As they progress and become a professional hunter, they are content being bait, for the mullet does not need to be pointed at... it needs to be admired.

* People with mullets usually have no idea they are the hunted, or that we laugh/admire them daily on this website. It is also safe to say mullets are not exactly up with style and technology. They think that hyperlinks are the shirts that turn colors as your body heat changes. The bottom line is that if mullets know they are a spectacle, the hunt can only become more difficult.

hunted by Eric & Haley  



Most of the mullets on this site, are, for lack of better terms, rednecks. This week however is different. This weeks classification can be spotted in the downtown areas of major cities across the Country. Freedomullet immigrates and opens up a place to eat. The type of food varies depending on his/her country of origin. I think the hunter mentioned something about Falafel on this one, so I will guess Greek. The name of the establishment is usually after a family members name, but not common names like 'Ricks' or 'Mikes'(obviously). Much more obscure, with vowels and consonants, that appear to be out of place(Ahmlenin's, Grekors, etc.) The food sometimes looks sketchy and the place seems like it could be a front for money laundering or some sort of other illegal activity going on in the back back room.

* Considering todays climate, the beggining hunter should stay away from these mulls.





When the kid grows up, he will be asked, "So, why did you have your hair like that?" He will answer, "I learned it from watching YOU!!!'(In the same tone as the drug commercial) Indeed, Dad is to blame.

Even though it IS sad, I really like this picture. Two generations of mulls, sitting on a curb....Doesn't get much better. Actually if grampa was there also with a mull, that would be insane. Oh, a wrench hanging out of the the back pocket would be pretty cool. K, I better stop fantasizing.

Hunted by Brian  



A true Classical representation of what its like when mullets hang out together. Plenty of beer and being shirtless with bad tattoos is common(obviously). The gold chain/bad medallion is NOT common however, but shows us that mullets can sometimes surprise us by accesorizing. Even though the medallion is rare in the mullet scene, I think it works WELL. It lives peacefully amongst the chest hair.

A final point; When mullets are Sociamull they often are loud/rude creating quite a spectacle. In cases like these....The hunt is ON! Use the Guerilla technique(see hunting techniques in the 'hunters' section).

* 2 drunk mulls in a crowd...1 making a spectacle and the other staring at his beer cooler. I don't know if it gets better. I love mullets.

hunter emull me for credit  




Perhaps a time when the mullet is MOST vullnerable is when he/she is getting a tatoo. The mulletude is left at the door, replaced by a soft, introspective aura. Despite the tough exterior, all one needs to do is look into the eyes and a gentle creature shall be revealed...

hunted by Todd  


Reverse Bait


For those who don't know, the 'bait' mullet hunting technique is when you have someone stand next to the mullet and pretend like your taking a picture of them, but really your taking a pic of the mullet.

This pic is truly rare. We have the mullet, not only thinking he's acting as bait but check out as he 'subtly' points to the dirtbag, with what else would a mullet point with...his middle finger.



High School Remullnion


Mullet hunters notes:

Name: Forgotten

Hometown: Fresno, California

Occupation: Masonry Contractor

Years sporting Mullet: "All my life"

Reason for keeping Mullet: "My wife won't let me cut it"

Reason for cutting Mullet: "As a professional, sometimes people don't give me the respect I deserve"

Hunted At: My 10 Year HS reunion

Technique used: I befriended the mull and explained that I was too drunk to remember him unless I got a picture. Then he bought me a drink.

hunted by Rick *  




Nascullets are a large and powerful species. Shirtless, tattooed with an intimidating stance are classic traits to look for. Main hobbies include anything engine related - everything from power boats to lawn mowers.

A fairly dangerous creature, so use caution if hunting.



2 tone warehouse mullet

Warehouses are a common source of employment for mullets. They can dress how they want, wear their hair how they want and get very angry if they want. It's a good place to let out the mulletude(i.e. punch a random box or kick a pallet). They can yell out loud and either not be heard or not really noticed.

The 2 tone is an example of a seasoned, experimental mullet. Going beyond the standard mullet by adding style and flava.

* Its a shame this mull is locked up in warehouse all day. I wish he was on the beach playing Frisbee with me.

Hunted by Jemo


Child Mullet and Daddy Mullderline-Degeneration

Child Mullet - Where we goin' dad?

Daddy Mullderline - To the pick up truck, ignore those people, chest out arms low, walk with confidence son. Its gonna help you later, BELIEVE me.

CM- O.K. If you say so...Dad, can I ask you a question?

DM- shoot kid.

CM- Do I have be as tuff as I act?

DM- You do if you want to be respected. Son, I'm talking from experience here. Remember this haircut I gave you? well, it helps show people that you mean business - that you are confident, in charge and can handle any situation.

CM- O.....K I'll do it. Dad how come you cut some of your hair off the back and aren't walking as confident as me?

DM- son, some people think its funny that we have our hair this way, so to avoid any conflict, I gave it a trim. It's O.K. for you though....any trouble you get into will only make you stronger. As far as my confidence: When you get older you slouch more so its harder to keep the chest out. BUT I will give you a little secret that might compensate for this: Tuck your jeans into your boots. IT WORKS!

CM - Your the best dad!!!

Hunted by Brian






Hunted by Jackie written by howie




Fullct - when a mullet gets fuct

Q. - How does a mullet get fuct?

A. - Hangin out somewhere(usually a bar) in mullet gear(cut off sleeve/half shirt), random cute girl comes up all excited wanting to take a picture with him. Mullet gets excited, thinks he's bad-ass, realizes the mullet, the attitude and the get-up is paying off....but in reality he's FULLCT.


Hunted by Jackie


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