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Mullet Pic Fix

pg. 13



Mullatino - "O.K. put the line in the water.'

Kid - 'But.....dont we need a hook and bait or something?'

Mullatino - 'Naaaa. This should work fine.'

Kid - 'O.........k.'

Mullatino - 'Look son, were fishing!'

Kid - 'Ya, ha, were fishing.'


Mullatino - 'What-cha catch there?'

Kid- 'Uuuuhhhh....just this piece of seaweed or sumthin'.'

Mullatino - 'That's O.K. son. You've got to start somewhere. Your mother is right here with the net, ready, for when you do catch a fish.'

Kid - 'O....k. do you think the net is big enough?'

Mullatino - 'We'll be fine....go ahead and put the stick back in the water.'

Maria - 'I think im having the baby!!!'


Mullatino - 'Come on son, grab your stick, were goin' to the hospital. Your gonna get another brother! Maria, grab the net?'

Maria - 'Ayyyy, pinche maricon!'

Mullatino - 'Chut up!'

hunted by dr. Denver






Girl - 'Ahhh...isnt this beautiful? Hey, think they're any fish in this water honey?'

Randy - 'Ahh hell, I don't know...why you always asking me all these damn questions....I'm gonna go grab a cold one...you want one?'

Girl - 'Sure....this is the best honeymoon. Hey, grab my pipe while yer over there.'



Emullgency Room


This weeks Monday Mull is A look into the real life, overlooked affects of Mulletude. Mulletude commonly leads to violence which often ends in bodily harm. A fine example we have here--A Mullatino being rushed to the doctor for what appears to be the aftermath of a fight.(chin laceration) A graphic reminder to us all, where mulletude ends up...in the HOSPITMULL.

Mess with the mull, you get the horns.





Happy Hullidays Mulletjunkies!

If you were a good boy or girl this year, click my red bow. If you were naughty, click the blue one.







Stage 1:

The past

On the left - Proof that the mullet has been around for a LONG time. Romulln Times.







Stage 2:

The present - Mulletjunky


Stage 3:

The future - A mullethunters paradise.

Everyone has a mullet; The jogger, the businessman, the couple, the kid, even the dog. Mulltopia.


I have a dream! A dream that one day, all mullets will be treated equal. Free from the persecution of coldnecks. Free from guerilla mullet hunting. Free from societies disgust towards the mullet. May all skullets, Fe- mullets, Mullatinos, Rat-tails and the endless classification of mullets, walk down the gullden gates of freedom...to the promise land!!!


Hell Ya!!! That's what i'm talk in' about.

word. yow.

we gonna wear our mullets any way we wants. and dare aint nuthin u gonna do 'bout it .

mmmm hmmm.



-Said in a shy, squeaky voice- [kind of like the character Corky St. Clair from the film Waiting For Guffman]

Ya freedom. That's what were talking about. Were talking about freedom here, not just something else.(profound)

Freedom to stand up here and play my banjo wherever and whenever i want! God damit!

- excuse me.



Yes, it is because of this freedom, a 50 year old man can have a fantasy multi-colored, erratic pattern, green rat mullet.

R>I>P> Dr. Martin Luther King.

Authors notes: What kind of jacket is that? It looks as though the sleves are made from that silky, lacy, lingerie material. The back, ironically enough seems to resemble a leather rocker jacket!?!?! im so confused.



How ya doin'? Good, good. ya, my names Rich Richards and this is my wife Mary Beth. Were both black jack dealers out here in Reno. I consider me and my family as purdy classy folk. Not to mention our keen eye for fashion. Unfortunately they don't let us wear our own threads when were dealin', but shit i tell you if they did.... let's just say we'd be rollin in the doe, jus in tips! When we save up enough money were all gonna move to this place 'bout 30 miles outside Reno called Shadow lake. There's not really any lake, or shadows fer that matter(ha ha) but it seems like a damn fine place to raise a family. Speakin' of families, i'd like you to meet my son Rich Jr.


Hey, how's it going. I really don't have much to say, but ill do my best. Lets see, umm I don't really like playing cards as much as mom and dad do. They always win, its no fun! I do like to play on my dads old CB H.A.M. radio and mess with the truckers that go bye.(haha, shhhh don't tell pop) Oh ya, I've got this really cool rubber band collection that I started a few years back.

-brief pause-

I Can't wait to move to Shadow Lake, maybe ill meet or girl, or take up water skiing... or somethin'. Who is Iron Maiden?




North Carolina man top beer drinker
Ray McCoy wins Wynkoop Beerdrinker of the Year title

JAN 27, 2003 - A computer consultant from North Carolina has been chosen 2003 Beerdrinker of the Year, the third time in seven years that a North Carolina resident has won the competition sponsored by Wynkoop Brewing Co. in Denver. Ray McCoy, in fact, is the second member of his household to win the award. His partner, Cornelia Corey, won the 2001 title.

McCoy bested two other finalists — John Ahrens of Mount Laurel, N.J., and John Marioni of Bothell, Wash. — in a two-hour oral exam Jan. 18 at Wynkoop. Marioni, 38, brews beer with hops his grows in his backyard and keeps a detailed list of every beer he drinks during a year. Ahrens was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records when he had the world's largest beer can collection.

McCoy told the judges he was a relative newcomer to serious beer drinking, with 10 years experience. But in that time he become a devoted traveler to beer festivals and other destinations, and put together a collection of 1,600 beer labels and 300 glasses. Each of the glasses has been christened with the "correct" beer.

"It's not the time you spend drinking beer that counts, it's the intensity," he told the judges.

When asked to tell a joke related to beer, Ahrens said: "You know what they call the aging tanks at Budweiser? Tractor-trailer trucks."

McCoy responded: "With all due respect, I don't regard beer as a joking matter."

McCoy won $100 to spend at his home brewpub, Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery in High Point, N.C. He also won a lifetime of free beer at Wynkoop, 1,583 miles from his home.



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