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Mullet Pic Fix

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Mullet Ranch


You want quiet? You want relaxation? You want outdoors? You want all this AND to be with people like you (other mullets)....then Mullet Ranch is your place.

Click my cool sunglasses to see more of the Ranch



"In the beginning, God created the mullet, and it was GOOD. God said he made us in his image....from this logic we can conclude that God has a mullet."

"Brothers and sisters, the mullet is sacred. Clean your mullet regularly. If someone should make fun of you, along with turning the other cheek, flip your mullet with your hand, turn and proudfully walk away."

{mouse over image}

"As far as we know, my mullet is believed to be the closest example of what Jesus' mullet might have looked like. Have Faith brethren, for along with inheriting the earth you shall also inherit the mullet...or skullet."


Hunted by Andy


Most Mullets have Mulletude and have it pretty bad there entire lives. There are however exceptions to the rule(as usual). Some times a traumatic event occurs and they realize how ridiculous it is to freak out at the drop of hat. Some simply grow out of it, mullet gets cut, and they become 'regular' coldnecks.

Important noted traits in detecting Post Mulletude(as seen above):

-Peacefully chatting with strangers in a non aggressive de meaner.

-Any article of clothing in which nature or animals are depicted. Examples are any National Parks like Yosemite or yellowstone. A wolf howling at the moon is another favorite. These are symbolic representations of the change in psyche the mull undertakes when they go through the metamorphism. It takes a big man to go from an ANGRY TAZ(Tasmanian devil) shirt, to a shirt with trees and flowers, AND still keep his mullet. You know the majority of mulletude filled mulls are giving him serious 'shit' for this transformation.



Magic Mullment


Walk into a bar and what do you see? Mullderline conversing with Ulti-Mullet. HOLY SHIT! A WET DREAM for any Mullet Hunter. First thing you do is take a pic of this magical mullment. Done. Now you need a frontal shot of the Ulti-Mullet.

Click that healthy mullet mane to go deep...deep into the heart of a mullet.

Hunted by Laura  




Mcdonalds is a gold mine for hunting mullets. Food is cheap, appearance doesn't matter AND there is a playground for the children. Mullets Love Mcdonalds. If you're itching to do some huntin', A Wal-mart Mcdonalds combination can be easily hit up on the same day-For some reason, both establishments are usually located near each other.

"Hey, can i have that fry" can often be heard murmured across the stale, plastic room.



hunted by Anders  


McMullet pt.2


It seems another mullet has surfaced at Mcdonalds. Not like this is a rare occasion, but it is a really good hunt. We see the Mullet, the menu and contemplation all in one perfect angle.



Hunted by Richard-McIntyre  


Homullsexual (male)

It took a while but the Homullsexual has finally been hunted! A big day Mullet Junky's.

Spotted at the local Water park, Homull appears to be in his element-Young boys frolicking about in nothing more than speedo's, thsplashing each other with water as they tumble off the slide, into the big pool.

* Due to the scarcity of mullets in the gay male scene, naturally, the homullsexual holds an elevated status. Revered amongst his ultra-fashion-conscious peers for his strong 'individualism'.

  'Click my 'eel' to see my thspecial friend'

Roll Mull


Some might compare this species to the Humpty Dumpullet because of the obvious weight issue. Not the case, the Roll Mull is more of a cross between the Fast Food Femullet and the Troll Mull. The Roll Mull spends the majority of their time indoors where they indulge in strange obsessions like knife/dagger collecting. On the rare occasion they do surface, its usually to feed the Roll. They are proud of their roll(hence the super skin tight shirt) and their Mull. When the Mull and the Roll actually touch, they can have a mysterious cathartic sexual climax at which they can suddenly fall to the ground. If there are children around please remove them, A Roll Mull laying in a dirty sidewalk on his back with his stumpy arms and legs kicking with pleasure can be traumatizing.

The Roll Mull - Indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Hunted by John  


Asian Mullet - Kung Fullet
The Asian Mullet is a very, very rare species. It is only fitting that this representation of the Asian Mullet has to do with fighting. There is an inerrant connection between fighting and mullets that transcends all races. The mullet adds to the intimidation when in the heat of a confrontation. Any swift body movements makes the mull flap around, creating a powerfully intimidating motion. wwhhhyaaaaaa(mullet briskly flaps to one side)whhhyaayyyyyaaaaa!(mullet flaps to the other side). A psychological breakdown of the opponent occurs - then the physical.  


MulletJunky Hunter Northern Arizona Territory, Tom T:

"I've enjoyed your page for almost a year and notice anything even resembling a mullet. Great job at www.mulletjunky.com
The attached mullet was at a home show here in Northern AZ. We have a healthy population of them in various positions, meth labs, ranch hands, general labor and wife beaters. I've been too close for comfort in my excitement. We observed a "Famully" recently & I just pointed & said "mullet". My wife walked away & the "head of the Famully" gave me a death stare.
I've been meaning to hunt for some time now, so I'll be in touch with more prospects.
The attached Mull could be overheard saying "man this coke has some bite" in the photo where he's scratching his nose. Please use that in a caption. I would feel a part of the cause if some of my opinions are used.
Great job & keep me informed,

Tom T
Northern Arizona territory."







* Man this coke has some bite.


From the crown of his head all the way to the tip of his tail, you will see a perfect triangle. This is no coincidence. See, underneath the gangsta exterior we have a nerd, crying to be heard, wanting to express his love of mathematics through his hairstyle. Can't really do a circle, a square would look whack, but a triangle, however, is the perfect shape for a hairstyle. The mullet gradually triangulates into the delicate rat tail subspecies. It's a complex and fascinating piece of work, both visually and conceptually.
hunted by Lobo




The deadly Terror-Mullet. The thick full body allows the owner to hide weapons, communication equipment and a small Koran. Also useful for disguise as the terror mullet can easily be adapted to pass as a Femullet. All in all a deadly and sinster look: Religous conservatism on the top, terror attack in the back.


* A Qatari man described by federal prosecutors as an al Qaeda "sleeper operative" was designated an enemy combatant by President Bush yesterday, as the government dropped criminal charges against him and turned him over to the U.S. military.

Ali S. Marri, who arrived in the United States the day before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was trained in computer hacking and the use of poisons, according to new information the United States has obtained from former al Qaeda operations chief Khalid Sheik Mohammed and another captured al Qaeda operative, prosecutors said. He was sent to the United States to help settle al Qaeda members arriving for follow-up attacks, the captives reportedly have told interrogators.


Mullet Rock
These good ole' boys have been jammin' together for 20 years. They have got their southern Skynard rock and style DOWN....Then, SHE enters the picture [the following is spoken by dude on the left]"...Wanting to sing sappy crappy love songs 'n shit like Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton's 'Islands in the Stream' and Phil Collins 'Take a Look at Me Now', what the shit is that? It's bullshit if you ask me, with that stupid wireless microphone and her retarded fashion. We want her out of our God damn band!!"






"I mean, ya it sucks having that WOMEN in the band....but at the end of the day, it's MY autograph they want. God I love this job, and jacket"

Hunted by Berry


Mullet High
Hunted by Maura


Bar Mullet Hunting


The Bar is a Great place to do some mullet hunting. Why? Because mullets LOVE to drink and socialize. It's just in their nature, a fact of life.

There is however a catch 22, when the mullet consumes alcohol, the true mulletude surfaces. So, bar room mullet hunting is good....just dangerous. As observed from the look on Randall's face. Suspicious eyes, intimidating mullestache and of course streamlined sideburns-all add to a volatile situation.


Click Randall's mullestache to continue.

Hunted by Brit  


The Shirtless Mullet


There is an instinctive urge for the mullet to be without their shirt. The way the mull flaps on the bare skin gives a sense of sensuality and raw power. A unique duality that is far to tempting to resist.

Click on my mullestache to see my fellow shirtless brethren.

Hunted by Kelly  




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