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Mullet Pic Fix

pg. 15


When you close your eyes and try to imagine what the craziest mullet would look like....This could be one of them. Its hard to believe, its hard to look at, but rest assured it gets easier the longer you stare into this entire picture(*oversized cell phone/bubble-but combo helps).


Hunted James Hogan  

Overweight Wife-Beater Mullet


"Shit, guess ill just wait here for 'em. Those slow sons of bitches..."



"It's a nice park....damn i'm hungry."

"There you are kid. You o.k.? Good, good. Sure is hot huh? Get my hair of my neck here so it can breathe...pheww These tank tops sure are nice though, you want one? Red is nice, looks pretty good huh? How about one of these belt loop key rings? Never lost my keys since i been wearin' this old thing."

"Ya, sure dad."

"Hey, watchu got there kid?"

"na, its just this lizard tail i found on the ground"

"That's purdy nice, better put it in your pocket before your ma comes"


"Look pop its still moving around!"

"Well looky there, that's some cool-ass shit kid. C' mon yer moms comin', put that thing in yer pocket, we'll play with it later."


  Hunted by Steve


Child Mullet Auto Progression
In the beginning, the Rat Tail child stares and dreams of the day when he can drive a new, red sports car.
.....The reality is that mom drives a Big ford full size truck and dad drives a MONSTER truck.

As the child grows, he rebels against the parents by abandoning the notion of a big truck-he opts for a small car. Its nothing like the red sports car he fantasized about as a child but he must start somewhere.


After many years of trans-am's, camero's and other muscle cars, the child, like his parent's ends up with a big truck.

You are your parents, Mullet.




When a mullet is caught searching thoroughly by handling, turning over, or disarranging items looking for the ultimate bargain. It usually occurs at flea markets, thrift stores and especially yard sales - as covertly recorded in this pic.

Hunted by: Brent M Shields  





Assessing opponents - He waits for striking moment - A calculated decision - When to jump into the game.

The Mullerblader's instinctive confidence gives him the advantage.

Opponents heard muttering, "That's not fair, cut that Mullet!" The Mullerblader shoots, scores, skates away,"Dood, Life's not fair"


* If there is a Rollerblader and a Mullerblader at equal levels, the Mullerblader will always win.

Hunted by: Chris & Anoulay  


Dutch Mullet Rock


This is a REAL band, their name is 'Reign' and they are from Holland. They are totally serious...just look at them. On the far left we have, 'The Muscle' To his right we have somebody with electric tape around his arm. The dude with the tie is obviously the 'Charmer' and NOTHING gets past the guy on the right.

* Holland: Mayonnaise with french fries+pot=Reign.




Mullets are drawn to carnivals. They get easily trapped into playing those seemingly easy games which are actually very difficult. The mullet Doesn't realize the games are actually difficult, they tend think there is something wrong with them and that they are just having an 'off' day. A cause for this delusion could be the intense focus on the prize. They know there is a small stuffed animal to be won, but that is not the only prize... Lurking around the gaming booth are gorgeous femullets just waiting to be with the king CarniMull that wins them their prize. Below is a peek into what the REAL prize looks like.



British Mullet


Ahh the British Mullet. The 2 main characteristics that makes the British Mullet different from its Ally, the American Mullet is that they are FAR less aggressive and much more fashionable - Which is completely ironic because those are the 2 main characteristics that make American Mullets hilarious.

They also have an Interesting talent that we cannot do here in the states. They've got this thing where they are able to control their mullet like it's another limb. It usually occurs when they are drinking tea. When they lift the cup and there pinky naturally departs from the other fingers erecting upward, the mullet simultaneously starts to flip up. It's very strange and uniquely british, but they get off on it, practicing different techniques of 'flipping' as they call it. It usually is the center conversation piece to most of their boring dinner parties.

Hunted by: Becca MacMahon  


Hunted by Andrew
When fathers with mullets teach children with mullets how to operate military weapons. THE most concerning image so far.


Rock n' Mull
"Hey guys, my name is 'Shredder' and I'm gonna show you a few 'licks' on the old geee tar. So here we go: Waaaa na na na neeeeeeee aaaaaaaaahh! Ya, that was sweet huh? The guitar is purdy easy to learn. But don't expect to pick it up and start shredding like me, it takes a while. Be patient and you will soon see how rewarding the 'axe' can be.


Ya, whatever shredder. You can play all those notes at a hundred miles an hour, OR you could do it MY way. Start off by looking deeply into my eyes. next apply 1-3 hits of lsd to your tongue. Finally, imagine you are in Vietnam and you must fight your way out with only your guitar and your guts. Once you've made it out, Open your eyes and make out with me.






When a person with a mullet has had one or more limbs removed by amputation. In this case it happens to be a female, basking half naked in the sun.


* I wouldn't mind seeing a male Ampmulltee with 1 arm playing darts. Ya, i'm making that a bounty right now. Anyone to find and document one will recieve a Mullethunter Hoody.


Hunted by: Chris Williams  



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