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Mullet Pic Fix

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A Mullet and a mole. These two worlds rarely meet, but when they do it is truly a magic molement.

Hunted by Ben Dickmann  

Mullmorial Day


Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. Since no documentation of dead mullets exist, we will honor living mullets in the service and call it Mullmorial Day. Femullet Robin Richards in the security division of our nations military will be forever remembered as a brave soldier who has a warm smile and excellent style.

In the States we see proud American mullets giving respect to their fellow mullets/femullets who courageously protect the freedom of their mullet brethren back home on this Mullmorial Day. Here we see J. T. Sack giving his anonyms homage to his Femullet sister, Sergeant Richards(above). God Bless America.



Fathers Day Mull
Dad, is that you?


Mulltial Arts


The aftermath of 80's film 'Karate Kid'. Drunken mullets everywhere emulating Ralph Machio's infamous martial arts bird stance on the beach. Though the setting and this mulls stance is not perfect he gets huge bonus points for having a beer in 1 hand and the other pointing directly downward. He also gets points for having the classic mullet trait: Shoes/jeans/no shirt combo.

* Martial arts is all about self defense. I received a link a few days ago that totally relates to this subject matter. If the guy in this video would have been as prepared as the guy in this monday mull - he might have been able to defend himself. Check it out: http://www.nibbler.de/fun/kiez.mpg




Tight and short on top/sides, the back is SUPER long, slightly wavy yet contained. A perfect example of the way a mullet should be sculpted. If you are considering growing out a mullet than this is what you should strive for.

Hunted by Mikhael
....and this is the ideal car. There is allot going on here. If you spend a few seconds on this picture, you will find yourself scratching your head in confusion, but will soon realize - it makes sense.



Danger Mullert


I know this is a sweet mullet and I KNOW how bad you want the pic, but believe ME, it is not worth the risk. This Subspecies, found commonly in southern states, has no problem destroying you physically. Leave these dangerous creatures to the professional hunters(who only use the 'Stealth' hunting technique)

Hunted by: Hillary


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