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Mullet Pic Fix

pg. 19
Half-Ass Mullet



The Half-Ass Mullet is: 1 - A way to say the mullet looks budget or cheap. 2 - A literal translation for the mullets "line" being made directly in the middle of the head, halfway if you will.




Instead of a horizontal line going from the ear to the back of the head, the Half-Ass Mullet makes a vertical line that travels from the ear to the top of the head.

Luvin the shirt






hunted by kevin






Half-Ass Goat Mull is the animal-to-human mutated bi-product.





Looks just like a Classic Mullet right? Sweet mullet, Mustache, cheesy yet strangely intimidating sunglasses, etc.

The picture below will give you an insight into the true uniqueness of this specimen. Starting with the dog, blindly pulled by a leash attached to a wheelchair. Driving the wheelchair is a Classic Mullet with an image of a joker on his chest. As you can see the mulletude continues to exist even though he is severely immobilized(possible right arm missing).

hunted by Todd  


Security Mullet


Whether it's crowd control at concerts or harassing kids in malls, rest assured, the Security Mullet will keep order in this chaotic world of ours.


LOVES his job.


Red State Mullet

(Mullssissippi, Mullabama, Mullsouri, etc.)


"I can't help but feel a bit giddy over the election results. You see, I ain't afraid of nobody but I am a tad frightened of the progressive movement that's goin' on in the blue places. I mean, I think you should be able to look however you want. It is a free god damn continent we live on. But when it comes to ass humpin' you should keep it secret and within the family. This whole 'acceptance of individuality' really feeds my patriotic paranoia. I know this sounds slightly Orwellian n' shit but fuck it. Fuck homos and the poor and all the other stupid fuckin' continents. And fuck you, what the fuck you lookin' at?"

Written by David Carter Ross




Hey, everybody! Happy Holidays! This is the only picture I could get of myself in here to send out to everyone, and it's also the last one I'll have for a while with my fearsome mullet. They made me go short all around when they locked me up! I know I wouldn't have gotten "messed with" so much if they had let me keep it. It was the only thing I had that kept me looking tough. No, Ma, I didn't grow since you last saw me, but I have gotten sneakier! They didn't even notice I was standing on my toes for this picture! Anyway, I have "company" now.

Gotta go,

Bubba Jo

Written by David Carter Ross





Mully Christmas
Hunted by Steve Bonasera


Trophy Femullet

Do You understand how perfect this hunt is? First, there are 3 separate photo's all showing different angles of this beauty. Now examine the details: A sweater with a lion and 2 cubs. Next, she is smoking like she means it. Finally, look at the far left pic. See her lower half, she's got the triangle going. Keys dangling, a hole in the jeans and a sexy camel toe to go. It's kind of like the holy trinity for Lezos.

The trophy on the box is pretty sweet. She's a trophy Mullethunt and her home rests on mulletjunky.com forever!

Happy new year!




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