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Mullet Pic Fix

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Middle aged Mullet

The haircut with a duel function: Business on top, and a raging party out back. We see many middle aged men opting for this symbolic cut. They want the best of both worlds. A respectable job during the week, then go nuts on the weekend. We see 2 good examples of this: A kind of gray, wispy wooly mull, and the other a dyed permullet. It is a strange phenomenon and even stranger that both of these men look freakishly similar just with 2 completely different mullets.

Common traits:

  • Insurance
  • Don Henley
  • Nudism
  • Lying to spouse


hunted by Joshua  
hunted by MattMarriott  

Silver Mullet


There is no color or age discrimination when it comes to having a mullet. The Silver Mullet can add a confident aire of sophistication. They appear wise and avant-garde, like they know something we don't. They do, they know what its like to kick it with a natural sweet Silver Mullet.





I think you get the idea....

Hunted by Jarrod Armstrong




Camouflage shirt, camouflage short pants(slight color variation which makes it even nicer), Oakly sunglasses, Mullestache and a primordial vigorous stride. Why is he so intense in his walk? Because he's gittin' on a motorcycle!

"Gonna ride around town on my hog, feel the wind on my face. Hate these damn helmut laws! I got around them laws though, i just keep my hair short on the top and sides where the helmut goes and i let the back grow super long. It looks so sweet when i ride around. It looks like i have a head full of hair because it blows around all crazy from under the back of the helmut. Then i take off my helmut and people cant believe what they see. Some people even take pictures of me, haven't figured that out yet but whatever. Anyway's, if were gonna have these stupid helmut laws i might as well have the perfect haircut to accommodate, or is that accompany, never mind you get the point, right?"


Hunted by Fireman Bill




- Taken from a thesaurus -

Main Entry: abandoned
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: deserted
Synonyms: alone, cast aside, cast away, cast off, deserted, discarded, dissipated, dropped, eliminated, empty, forgotten, forsaken, friendless, given up, jilted, left, left alone, left behind, neglected, outcast, passed up, pigeonholed, rejected, relinquished, shunned, side-tracked, sidelined, stranded, unoccupied, vacant, vacated


- Notes from a Mullet hunter in Oregon:

This was an absolute score, i was going to the local hillbilly market place(thriftway) in Philomath, Oregon and right there in front of my parking space leaning up against a post this Mullatino graced me with his presence. With the sun sparkling off of his prime mullet I couldn't help by get a pic. I calmy yet swiftly reched for my digital camera in the back seat making sure to not disturb and scare away the Mullatino as he awaited his turn at the phone booth. With him being less than 15 feet from where i was seated in my truck i put him in the cross hairs, with a little fine tuning and focusing i took my best shot and this is what i came up with. It turns out i was just in time, just after taking the pic he scampered off with his latino friends as all of them piled into a white cargo style van, the Mullatino of course sitting shotgun as a leader of the group, they then disappeared off to who knows where.


Mulling it over


Mullets like to ponder...and sometimes, when they are really thinking, they like to caress the mullet whilst contemplating. It is similar to pacing around only more intense and therapeutic.

'"Dang, the mullet's functional" - said like Napoleon Dynamite

hunted by Andy and James  




Mullet Livin'
Trailer on wheels, rusty swing set and a propane tank...very nice.


Father Son point-n-tug


Its Saturday afternoon and Father Mullet has finished changing out the water pump on his wifes 89 aerostar (notice dirty red rag in pocket) and it is time to give the kids a twenty and let them loose at the local Chucky Cheese. This fine specimen had put his hair into this braidullet this morning to make it more managable while working on the car and what a bonus to have look this good for all the jealous single mothers at Chuckys.

While him and his neighbors finish 7 pitchers of warm Michelob and two bad pizzas, the kids count those tickets and need help picking out a prize. What will it be? A Spongebob eraser or perhaps a glow in the dark necklace.

Father Mullet just wants the tuging to stop and for the kid to hurry up and pick a prize. If he isn't home in a half hour he's gonna miss the start of the Nascar Busch series race on FX and he still has to pick up another 12 pack.


-Golden Boy Jim Jr. of Whittier


Nutsack Mulll

Nutsack Mull: "So Rick i've got this great investment idea, it's only a few thousand dollars but i think you'll really be into it..."

Rick: "I'm interested but i just cant take you seriously with yer nutsack danglin' out of your shorts"

Nutsack Mull: "Hmm good point, let me just jump back into the port a-toilet and put myself back together. Oh look I left the door open."

Rick: "Actually i have to go, but i really like your man-sandles"



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