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Mullet Pic Fix

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"Special" Mullet


Here we have a disturbing tragedy of miswired genetics. Mulletards can get themselves all worked up and suddenly burst into a tantrum for no apparent reason and getting soaked with saliva during a fit is often the case. When this occurs you cant help but focus on the extra row of oddly shaped corrupt top teeth nestled in the high exposed gum line.

This particular 'Special' Mullet happens to be touching his mullet. He's very proud, as well he should be. It's a nice mull...and sweater.

*Wandering eyes are common amongst this species.

Quote from this mull: "Nnghaa-ha-ha, thstop messin' hrouund, yew JERK!"

Just been informed this is an actor on a British TV show. I will leave him up until I get another good pic of a Mulletard in its natural environment.  

Classic River Mullet

His name is Chip and he "rulez" the Colorado River scene. With a beer in one hand and the other on the wheel of his orange, souped-up 70's speed boat, there is no stopping this aggressive lug.The mullet is in perfect harmony with the wind as he charges recklessly down Gasoline Alley at Lake Havasu, Arizona. This particular species is fairly harmless during the off season with his family and dog, Ammo. But as soon as alcohol and motorsports enter the picture, the River Mullet can be EXTREMELY dangerous. I caution you: Stay away, and don't ask him for a ski tow if your in the water! It's a gamble, unless of course you are a female, and you don't mind flashing your chest. (However, this is NOT advisable if his wife and kids, also with mullets, are in the boat.)

*Put the cursor over the image to get an 'action' shot

hunted by Ty


Overweight Trucker Mullet


The mullet cannot escape the professional trucker. In the trucking world, the mullet is a reflection of the owner's "rig". In fact, the more hard-core the mullet, the more he/she is respected within the truck stop scene. This overweight Trucker Mullet is another example of a tri-level combo (as you will later see with the Mullenium). These long & greasy, straight & deadly wisps of hair, (originating from a selected shaved patch), will allow this trucker to score free Big Gulps and receive sloppy hand jobs across the heartland.

* Put the cursor over the image to get a rear view of the Trucker Mullet accompanied by his wife. (a.k.a."Roadie")

* Mullestache, of course son.


Muscle Car Mullet

These creatures are filled with mulletude... so stay away! Do not hunt one. If they have the slightest idea they are being photographed, the risk of physical and bodily injury will follow.

A classic example of the type of car a Muscle Car Mullet would drive. For some uknown reason, primer is preferred.

*Muscle Car Mullets are often mistaken for Camaro Mullets. However, birds of feather do flock together.



TIME and MONEY is what's needed for the upkeep and maintenance of the Permullet:

TIME in front of the mirror, and MONEY on hair care products, that is. But if the end result is this...then it's definitely worth it.

* There is only 1 drawback to the permullet: A moist surface drowned in chemicals tends to irritate the skin... which leads to neck acne. Girls are NOT into neck acne.




After many long, hard-but invigorating days of mullet-hunting, I came across a specimen which reminded me why I became a hunter in the first place. I declare, you will not see another mullet like this in a thousand years. That is why I bestow this prestigious honor upon this mullethead in Amsterdam. It's the MULLENIUM!!!

This epic mullet challenges the eye of the beholder with many striking features. Some feel that the Tri-level/Braided Tail Combo (as previously seen with the Overweight Trucker Mullet) is too much to handle at first glance. Rest assured, it "grows" on you!

* Don't get spoiled, it only appears once every thousand years.


Famully Man

It's not common, but every so often a mullet will take the "other" road. The straight and narrow path, focusing on becoming an honest, responsible and productive member of society. They are as dedicated to building a good, solid family unit as they are to preserving their well-kept mullet.

Keeping the mullet reminds them of their youth and delusions of their individuality. It's crucial that these two traits are constantly reassurred in order for the Famully Man to sustain his new, responsible role in society.

In some more poverty stricken families, the mullet actually functions as a toy. (Comparable to a rattle, blocks, etc.) The child grabs/tugs at it, and it is fun...fun for the whole family. As we know, mullets are easily amused. Why should we expect anything less of their offspring?

hunted by Patrick & Barry  

Hunted by Duane(below) Hunted by Erik in Sweden(above)
Famully man - The Decay


There is something creepy about this picture. Daddy mull has his hand around the baby's head in a nurturing position yet his eyes and mind...are definitely somewhere else. The baby looks flat out, freaked out. The arm grasping for release and the petrified eye's are telling the world, 'Get me the hell away from this mull'.

Procreation ....maybe not always a good idea.

Hunted by Brad Swenson  
.....On the other hand, there's NO question where the love is here.

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