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Mullet Pic Fix

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Dungeons and Dragmull

A true mullet from the role playing genre, this mull is usually seen with Mullanonymous* planning strategies for Friday night events. He's a loner by day, but hangs with his dragmull buddies by night. He would routinely draw characters with the physique of Conan The Barabarimull (Yes, Conan did have a mullet in the film), wielding longswords and double-edged axes.

This mull can also be found at the local Hobby Shop or model convention, where he buys pewter Dungeons and Dragons figures. He re-creates World War II battle scenes with Revell kits and Tamiya paints & gets a slight "buzz" off the fumes as he works closely imagining himself amongst the burnt out buildings. He's just a real mullet wishing he was where the action was.

*Mullanonymous can be found in Pic Fix 2.


Midget skullet


This man deserves praise and respect. Why you ask? Because he has three huge things going against him....yet he STILL smiles: He's short, he's balding and he has a wandering eye. Keep your chin up and your skullet down little guy.

*Proof that classification for mullets/skullets is endless.




Just because you're physically challenged doesn't necessarily mean you can't have a mullet. This man is living proof that its alright to be mulle-capped. Not to be underestimated, the Handicapullet can be quite an aggressive creature. This particular one was spotted in the pit at a Pavement show, raising hell and dragging down as many crowd surfers as he could get his handullets on.

*Put the cursor over the image to get a close up view on the insane and extreme mullet this guy has.


Overweight Handi-Unibraidullet
These are creatures of habit that exert low (to NO) physical activity. The species is very irritable and bitter which leads to random snapping type behavior when even slightly crossed.

* I hunted this one at the horse races where I received the evil eye after the third picture taken. I knew there was no risk because of his wheelchair situation. Actually, even if he wasn't in a wheelchair he was too fat to move quick enough to do anything. If you can handle mean, long stares with a few derogatory remarks whispered under the collar then this species is a fun, easy, safe hunt.


Troll Mulll


Nghahhaaha, theyll nevr git me. Im 2 quick n sneeky. chthka ooolps, sory fer the slobber. I git all workd up when i c purdy grrrls. Hey, wanna come ovr mah house? we can play checkers or sumthin. no no no, wait i got it, we can play video games, ya and order pizza. Lemme win though, if i loose i can get cranky...if i do get cranky put me on my belly and roll me around on the ground with your feet. thckaa that pheels really nithce on my body('thspecially my pee pee). hey wait....come back!? wow what big jerk u r. mom? mom?

Hunted by MK  


Mid-Life Mullet

Often the temptation to tell society to "Take a hike!" can not be held at bay. After years of holding back and only letting your hair flirt with your shirt collar, the pressure becomes too much and you say, "Fuck it!"... you simply grow a mullet! Many have been shaped and mull-ded into existence during the strike of a mid-life crisis. Sometimes, it takes a man half a lifetime to decide he's not gonna be spoonfed the sugar-coated propaganda of society anymore. And whats the best way to display your individualism? What symbolically speaks volumes for your quest for self-actualization? The obvious answer is the MID-LIFE MULLET.


Gray Braidullet


This particular species is rarely seen in public. 85% of their life is spent fiddling around in the garage claiming to be working on that really "important project", but in actuality, they're just re-alphabetizing and categorizing their tools, wing nuts, bolts, washers and the most prized possession...the faded-out 70's Playboy mags. Other garage activities include picking scabs (from that skin condition) and hangnails with precision pliers... for hours.

*Not to get too technical, but notice the precise and equal space alotted between each of the 4 blue bands on the braid. That's a craftsman...an artisan.


Monster Truck Mullet


Dirt bikes, speed boats, and big Ford trucks are the preferred mode of transportation for this species. The mullet has been cherished since "back in the day" (circa '82) . "HOT temper, WARM women, and COLD beer" is the motto the Monster Truck Mullet lives and dies by.

* He's thinking, "I'm one bad ass" all the time.

* Mullestache, of course.


Girth Mullet


He wants the best of both worlds: To be "in" with the Jocks and to be "cool" with the Rockerz. (Hence, the short on top, long in back) As we all know, this will never happen. Nature simply does not work this way. In the end, the confused Girth Mullet simply settles for the title, "The Ruler of Woodshop Class".

*Girth Mullet can be edgy at times; Don't startle him while he's making his wooden pipe on the bandsaw.


Domullican Republic


Here's proof that the mullet is worshipped in every country. I never imagined that people actually sport mullets on these random little islands. But when you really think about it, it all makes sense.... Sort of how Michael Jackson is still, really popular. (Like in Laos & China)

*Kenny Landreaux, L.A. Dodgers '82?

* A well designed Mullestache.



Roadie Mullet


HELL YEAH!!! Every rock band needs a good Roadie Mullet. He looks like he's in a pretty good mood.... atleast for now. But I wouldn't hunt him when he's drag racing in his copper Trans-Am down Main Street in Mulletville USA. He's lookin' pretty tuff, like he's kicked some serious ass before. In fact, I'm almost certain he's carved SLAYER into his arm at some point in his metal life.

* I don't know about you, but I'm kinda into his roadie girl. I bet she's wearin' stonewash jeans accessorized by a single vertical zipper in the rear.

* Mullestache, of course.

hunted by Jeff


Little Mull Syndrome


Short people that want to be big and tough can make up for it in other ways:

-Purple wife beater tucked into tight, faded jeans.

-Randomly placed, bad, faded tattoos.

-Insanely thick Mullestache.

-"Don't fuck with me" eyes and 'hard' stance.

-Painting of a sailboat in a storm hung crooked on the wall.

-Upside down 'rabbit-ears' style mullet.

All elements that make up the ideal friend. 'Hey Brett, wanna play boggle?' "Fuck u kid."

hunted by Michelle  

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