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Family Mulltrait

"Hell no mom, we're not dressin' up for the family mulltrait. We're wearin' our matching powder-blue and yellow tank tops!" These were the same tank tops they wore when they "necked" the Barbossa twins in the dugout on the baseball field. "High-five bro! Huh huh huh!"

* Technically, its a Mullderline, but come on....

*The daughter has the mothers wandering eye.

hunted by Gavin  

hunted by Will Laimbeer
Wedding Mullet
Every now and then, the mullet is invited to a wedding. This is definitely the time he lets it all flow...no ponytails to conceal the mullet on one of these special days. It's a rare opportunity where he can legitimately "Party like its 1999", and he takes full advantage of it! Though the wedding mullet is a fairly harmless creature, he is almost always OBNOXIOUS. You'll find him telling really bad jokes, which are immediately followed by a deep belly laugh. (The kind that overpower the traces of all the phony laughs from others who aren't really listening anyway)



Priest: "Randall Mull, Do you take Libby-May to be your, bla bla bla bla bla.....?"

Randall Mull: "Shit ya!"

Priest: "Libby-May, Do you take Randall Mull to be your, bla bla bla bla bla.....?"

Libby May: "Shoot, I guess I do, yeah."

Priest: "With the power vested in me and state of Kentucky, I now pronounce you Mull and wife! Libby, You may kiss the Mullestache."

Libby: "Awww heck, come 'er punkin."

....and they lived happily ever after.(in Blue Skies Trailer Park)


hunted by Jeff
Oakley Mullet
Thermonuclear Razorblade Oakley sunglasses actually give the mullet POWER. This creates delusions of thinking that he/she is tougher, cooler and better looking then he/she really is. A vulgar sex slogan plastered across an old t-shirt (ripped-off sleeves add to the mulletude) is a bonus indeed. I can't stress enough how dangerous this species is. Please, leave the hunting to us professionals.

*If Todd from Beavis & Butthead was a real person, this is who he'd be.




Our mischievous Mini-Frollet on the right was someone who did many cruel things to other people for laughs...constantly. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but the temptation of marginal junior-high pranks were too much to resist. In the end, Tyrone (atleast that's what the jacket indicates), is a mere testament to the old wives tale that if you make the same face long enough it will stay that way.


Rapping Frollet


Let's get this party started! Bringin' in 2000-fo like its 1980-fo, yo!

Check-it, I'm Devastatin' Dave, The Turntable Slave and I'm here to make you wave. Come on, come on, put your hands in the aiiiiiir, wave 'em like you just don't caaaare. You like my hair? Break it down: Jerry curl juice runnin down my mullet, oops i gots curls, they call dat a Frollet.




Anglo Frollet

Anglo Frollet is a jack of all trades but a master of none. He's the guy who must contribute something on every single subject. It's a tactic used to cover up his insecurities that everyone is smarter than he is. However annoying this quality may be, you gotta admire (or atleast be amused by) his tenacity and dedication. He talks to everyone. At length. He's that uncle that still tries to show how cool he is at any given family gathering. He attempts to portray himself as some new-age, self-help guru to impress the "ladies". (Which sadly, usually works)

* There is a strong and bizarre mystical presence that eminates from the Anglo Frollet...some feel this is brought on by the heavy interest in crystals, sorcerers and general wizardry. Look for him in a van with an airbrush mural on the side depicting some sort of barbaric warrior holding a sword pointed to the sky with 2 buxom females clutching each ankle.

hunted by lisa  




There's a very fine line between species such as the Muscle Car Mullet and the Roadie Mullet. That fine line is known as the Mullsic. They share many of the same characteristics (such as being really TUFF and beating their families), but there is one key thing that seperates the Mullsic from the rest: The love of hard rock and/or heavy metal music. Scary part is when they crossover. I have seen many a Mullsic out of place at Lalapalooza and other festival events that aren't metal. They're almost always hangin' solo with a comfortable, confident stance which gives the illusion they are surrounded by many friends and perhaps, maybe "with the band". These delusions are crucial for the survival of this species.

* Uhhhh....rokk on! Ha ha 666...duh...yeah!!! 666 bro!

hunted by jeff


hunted by Biff
  hunted by Romo

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