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Mullet Pic Fix

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* Mullestache, of course.

* It's all about the hunt.

I was in a parking lot when I spotted this beauty. I sprinted towards him and used the most dangerous of all techniques: the Guerilla. At first, he was a little defensive (as seen from the pic on the left). I kinda freaked out, so I just gave him a big cheesy smile. As you can tell, it worked like a charm.

* In his native land, the mullet is worn as a sign of great achievement in society. Activities include evading the INS, setting a fried clam eating record, waving flaming sticks around and eating large chunks of animal flesh.




Mom, Dad, and the 2 kids; an ENTIRE family with mullets. Truly incredible. I know the pic is a little low qual, but you can definitely see they all have mullets (even the baby on the far right). This is the first documentation of anything of this kind. It's a big day for the mullet community...and Wal-Mart's clothing department.

hunted by: Miss MoLiE  










There is a natural urge for us not to want to look at Mull-IT, and at the same time, disturbingly drawn to IT. It's kind of like when you smell your farts underneath the covers. Nevermind. Just check out this beauty. What?!? She's hot.

* The hunter(THE SAINT) has demonstrated his professional skill level by using both BAIT and STEALTH hunting techniques. In a textbook perfect manner, he was able to capture a nice close up of the mullet in IT's natural habitat under potentially dangerous circumstances. (This species is very aggressive and unpredictable) Beginning hunters: Take notes! This is a perfect hunt. hunted by:





I was in Staples and saw this amazing specimen. He scurried into the back room marked "Personnel Only". To get this mull on film, I gave my mulletcam to an employee and asked if she could take a pic for me. Sometimes you have to make quick, unconventional and risky decisions when hunting. Ultimately ...it's dedication.




As you know by now, another name for the mullet is 7, as in the shape of the actual number...Check out the #17 shaved into his head. Uknowingly(which is the real bonus), this hesher has turned himself into a living paradox.

*His reasons for shaving the 17 could be anything, from how many beers he can "pound" to how many girls he's "banged". Whatever. Just enjoy the poster boy for the other term for the mullet known as 7.

hunted by Jeb  


This is a real band named 'Diamond Rio'. The facts are as follows:

- 5 out of 6 have mullets.(Jo Bob Briggs in the red shirt is a M.I.P Mullet In Progress or Mullderline)

- 1 Mullestache(awwww schuckkks)

- 3 of those strange medal type ties with string hanging down that you can still purchase at TJ Max, Ross or any other 'brand name fashion for less' type places your mom likes to go to.

- 1 big-ass belt buckle.

- 6 pairs of nut-squashing jeans(ATLEAST 1 pair is stonewashed)

- All six also have that gazed over Christian stare. You ALMOST would'nt mind talking to them but stop in fear they might ask you "if you have accepted Jesus in your heart".

I bet they rock.


Jewish Mullet


The JewishMullet is apparently cleaner and more intelligent than other mullets. This species usually minds its own business and is absorbed in studying Finance, Accounting, Medicine, Law, or Physics. The problem is, he also really wants to RAWK! (Kind of how Neil Diamond really wanted to rock American style in The Jazz Singer.) When these 2 seperate, yet unique worlds collide, it can be very confusing and disturbing for both the JewishMullet and us.



hunted by AK-47
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