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A Mullethunter in West Virginia spotted this sign while driving.




This masterpiece was created by an adolescent mullet (the baseball stud on the top left) who's really into Guns 'n Roses, dirt bikes and mullets. He was sending this letter/collage to the girl he liked. It had to have worked.







YES, I KNOW...I don't do celebrity mullets, but this is too good.


Buffalo Bill had a mull
Found in an old children's book, the propaganda starts early.



Mullderline, but with a good trim on top he could be a true mullprophet.
Hunted by Matt
If he only knew.




Ode to the Magnificent Mullet

By Megan Albertus


There's nothing quite like a spectacular mullet, One so perfect you want to reach out and pull it! Coifed to perfection, or balding on top Each mullet I see I can't help but stop- And wonder about the people who sport such a style So tasteless and tacky it just makes me smile!

An observant mullet hunter can usually find Specimens sportin’ mullets of a different kind. There's mulletinos, femullets, skullets and the like, And let's not forget the common dyke spike. If you're lucky, you might even spot a male, Proudly displaying a long rat-tail!

Mullets go by many a name, But those who sport them are mostly the same. Often you'll spot them pissing in alleys, Or clad in wife-beaters at monster truck rallies. Sightings are common where they naturally roam- Freely ‘round dirt lots behind their mobile homes.

Perhaps those with mullets are right when they say, There's no such thing as a bad hair day! So God bless the mullet, the style I love to hate, And the rednecks that sport them and think they look great!


M - Mystical and Magical is what they are
U - Understanding them may be somewhat hard
L - Lots of mullets come long, curly, and hairy
L - Some say Loving mullets is unbelievebly scarey
E - Not Every mullet is all the way horrific
T - Thank you Mullet Growers you people are Terrific!

By: Amanda  


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